Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Job Seeking Spell

What you need:

Four candles: One yellow, an astral colour to represent the self. One green for prosperity, a Black candle to remove obstacles and a Brown one for the job itself.

Patchouli oil, and Cinnamon oil.

Four slips of paper and a marker pen.

A chalice or other receptacle for the ashes.

This spell is best worked during the waxing phase of the moon. It can be performed with or without a circle depending on whether you intend to call on the deities.


While visualising the job you are seeking or the type of work you wish to do anoint the black candle with patchouli oil, working from the base upwards to the wick and place in a holder. Wash your hands of all traces of the oil before using the other candles. Still visualising anoint the other three candles with the cinnamon oil, this time from the wick to the base and place in holders. Wash your hands of all traces of the oil and set up your altar. Place the black candle in the centre of the workspace with the yellow candle above it to the north, the brown candle to the left in the west and the green candle to the right in the east. The chalice can be placed wherever convenient but within easy reach, don’t forget the matches or lighter.

Before starting your rite, you may wish to meditate for a while on how to achieve your goal. Burning a prosperity incense (Benzoin, Cedar, Cinnamon or a mixture) may also help.

The Working Ritual:

Form a magick circle (if your using one) and call the Goddess and God to aid your spell. As you light each candle focus your intent. Start with the yellow astral candle, light it and say something like:

“I seek to change, for what feels right. Open the way and clear my sight.”

Visualize yourself reading through and selecting jobs out of the vacancy sections in the local newspaper or looking through the notice boards at the job centre. Write on a slip of paper a single word or brief description symbolizing your intent (in this case it might be “Change”). Light the paper in the candle and as it burns push out your thoughts and see yourself finding what you are looking for. Place it in the chalice and let it burn out. Light the black candle and say something like:

"Negate bad luck, Let obstacles fall. Break-down barriers, Heed my call!"

Visualise yourself filling in application forms or mailing out your C.V. to prospective employers. See your mail-outs arriving at their destinations being accepted, and your name being added to interview lists. Write on a slip of paper your intent (“Break-down barriers”). Light the paper from the candle, push out your thoughts and see interview appointments being made in your favour. When it’s burned out, light the green candle and say something like:

"Bring Prosperity, Security too. Just rewards for the work I do.”

Visualise yourself arriving for interview calm, confidant and smiling. See yourself shaking hands with the interviewer and discussing and agreeing to details. Write on a slip of paper the intent (“Just Rewards”). Light it from the candle, push out your thoughts and see, feel and know the interview has gone well. When it’s burned out, light the brown candle and say something like:

"Opportunities, work and rewards I see. As I will, so must it be!"

Write the intent (Opportunities, Work, Rewards) on the last piece of paper. Light it from the candle and visualise yourself in a successful new job receiving your first pay packet, push out your thoughts to make it real and happen.

When you have finished thank the deities for their help and close the circle. Leave the candles to burn out completely. Remember a spell won’t work on its own, you need to actively seek a job. Listen to all your hunches and follow up on any leads. Each night for a week, burn a 2nd brown candle for 10 minutes while meditating in preparation for the job and the good you will gain from it.

~Courtesy of A Miscellany Collection of Spells

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creating A Faery Circle

Creating a Faery Ring

This is best done outdoors where Faeries can be found, whether under a tree, near water or in your garden. After you have set up your altar, you then create a faery ring. To do this, you tie a loop on each end of your 9 ft cord (that is if you have one, if not, use a 9ft length of string) Slip the point of your athame through the loop & stick it into the ground where the center of the Circle is to be. Put the index finger of your power hand through the loop opposite end of the cord & gently stretch it out. Holding the cord, walk deosil around in a circle, digging your heel to mark the outline of the circle. Then walk deosil around the circle, laying flowers or herbs on top of the circle outline. You now have created a Faery Ring.

Creating a Faery Magick Circle

The Faery Magick Circle protect you from harmful energies when doing magick. It acts as a vortex of light, bridging the mortal & faery worlds. Each time you do magick, you create the magick circle. First, sprinkle water from your cup deosil all around the inside of the Faery Ring to purify the area. Then hold your athame (or wand) in your power hand with the point outward, face in the direction of North of your Faery Ring & slowly spin in a deosil circle. As you do this, imagine a blue-white light shooting out of its tip. Trace a deosil circle of light with you athame over the Faery Ring you have created. You are basically drawing a double circle. Next, face the altar & say"

"I consecrate this Circle of power
To the generous & helpful Faeries
Of Earth, Air, Fire & Water.
May the bless this circle with thier presence.
So be it! Blessed Be!"

~"Faery Magick" by Sirona Knight
Pgs 102-103

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Simple Protection Spell

Do you remember as a kid when you were being teased and you used to say, "I'm rubber & you're glue. Whatever you say, bounces off me & sticks to you."?? Well, that can be used as a simple protection spell. Just light a black candle and change up the words to suit your needs. I like to say, "I'm rubber & you're glue. Whatever working you cast, bounces off me & goes back onto you." I repeat it 3 times, while visualizing the negativity being bounced off my shield

It does work, I have used it. It's a simple as modifying a simple childhood rhyme.


How to Dress A Candle for Spell Working

  1. Carve symbols into your candle based on your spell’s intent. This can be ancient symbols or runes that have been passed down through the ages, or modern symbols such as a dollar sign for money. The symbols you choose should be meaningful to you. You may also wish to carve in your name, or the name of the person you are casting the spell for. If the spell is for a specific event, such as luck for a night out gambling or a court case, carve in the date for it.

  2. Prepare oils for anointing your candle. Put about 1/8 cup of olive oil into a pot as a base oil. Put the heat on low. Add 20 to 40 drops of essential oils that coordinate with your intent. You can use more than one kind of oil; just research the oil’s properties. If you are trying to draw something toward you, stir the oil clockwise. If you are trying to repel something, stir the oil counter-clockwise.

  3. If you do not have essential oils, you can infuse the oil with herbs from your kitchen. As with oils, herbs should be researched for their magical properties so that the energy aligns with your spell’s intent.

  4. Allow the olive oil to warm but not simmer. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool. Strain it if you used herbs. You will only need a little of the oil for dressing a candle, so you can put it into a container and store it in a dark, cool place for future use.

  5. Sit with your candle and your anointing oil, preferably at your altar. Hold your candle and meditate a few moments on your intent. Place some oil in your hands and begin to rub the oil on your candle. If you are trying to attract something, rub from the top of the candle to the bottom. If you are trying to repel something, rub from the bottom to the top of the candle.

  6. Start rubbing slowly while thinking of your intent. Gradually pick up speed. Feel the energy you are raising be absorbed into the candle. Continue thinking of your intent. When you feel the candle tingling and pulsing with energy, it is ready.

  7. Set your candle into the holder until you are ready to cast your spell. When you light the candle, the energy that you have poured into it will be dispersed into your circle to aid your magic.

~~Courtesy of

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full Moon Chants

Moon Oh Come Into Us

Moon Oh Come Into Us Let You Power Dance Waxing, Waning, Shifting Time And Tide Entrance Luna By Your Turning Spin The Thread We Weave Magick We Are Making As We Circle Dance

~Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Aradia's Chant

Full Moon shining bright
Midnight on the water
Oh, Aradia
Diana's silver daughter
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