Monday, February 8, 2010

Grounding & Meditation Techniques

I've been doing a lot of meditating lately, so I thought I would share with you what I do exactly. First, I usually wait until my son has gone to bed, as to avoid frequent interruptions from him, so I usually meditate at night, around 8pm. I do this every time, at the same time, I like routine. Depending on the type of meditation I am doing, I light the appropriate incense and a single candle of the chosen color I need.

I sit quietly on the floor (I used to sit on my bed, but would slowly slouch down & fall asleep, not good) with my legs in a comfortable position, usually slightly bent, but not crossed. I close my eyes, take a few cleansing breaths through my nose, using my diaphragm to take in as much air as I can. I hold it for a count of 3 then release it, visualizing the outtake as black smoke of my stress going away. I'll do that for about 5 minutes, but I'm not sure as I am not keeping track of the time passing.

When I feel all my muscles relaxed, I do a grounding technique to "get my mind right". I picture my spine extending down to the floor, into the floor and into the ground beneath (I live on the ground level floor of an apt, so my taproot doesn't travel too far). Like roots of a tree, I visualize the roots expanding & separating, like tendrils, into the Earth below, past the rocks, the worms and whatever else is in the ground below. I silently ask Gaia to permit me some of Her energy. I see this as a soft blue light, but lately it has been silvery & sparkly. I feel its warmth flowing into my roots, flowing upwards into my body; down my legs, to my toes; down my arms to my fingertips; up my neck to my head, into my aura. When I feel it throughout my body, I know it's time to begin my meditation.

I usually visualize a huge oak door in front of me, being guarded by a being, who permits me entry after I ask permission. I follow a set of steps that descend into a tunnel. At the bottom of the step, I'm usually wherever my minds takes me. Sometimes, I'm in a forest, my Inner Temple or at a waterfall. I let my meditations guide me, depending of what I need to know, that goes for my guides who I encounter there. I, like you, have guides for different things & needs. If I really need some major guidance, that's when my Deities step in and help me out. I find sometimes in my meditations, I walk until I find them, or sometimes they are waiting for at the bottom of the steps. It depends.

After I commune with them, I bid them thanks for their help and a farewell. I make my way up the steps, through the door and I reverse my grounding technique, sending the energy back to Gaia with my gratitude. By this time, the incense has burned away and the candle is just a nub. I slowly get up and make my way to the kitchen, where I make a snack and then reflect on my journey & write it down in my journal.
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