Friday, December 11, 2009

Yule Ritual for Solitaries

The candles should be Green for the North, Red for the South, Silver for West and Gold for East, the candles should remain unlit for the time being.
Set up the altar as is most comfortable for you; a gold pillar candle should be unlit on the altar as well.

When you are ready, stand facing the North and say:
“Tonight I honor the darkness, for from darkness is born the light. From the void, the darkest night of the year is at its threshold. And the Sun is born again.”

Face east and light the Gold Candle (not the one on the altar), saying:
“Powers of Air, come forward from the darkness Enter my circle, as dark gives way to light. Bring with you the essence of the pine trees, Remind me of Spring on this Solstice Night.”

Going to the South, light the Red Candle and say:
“Powers of Fire, come forward from the darkness, Enter my circle, as dark gives way to light. Bring with you the first glint of tomorrow, Remind me of Summer on this Solstice Night.”

Move to the West and light the Silver Candle, saying:
“Powers of Water, come forward from the darkness, Enter my circle, as dark gives way to light. Bring with you the bittersweet memories, Remind me of Autumn on this Solstice Night.”

Face the North and light the Green Candle and say:
“Powers of Earth, come forward from the darkness, Enter my circle, as dark gives way to light. Bring with you the land that now sleeps, Remind me of Winter on this Solstice Night.”

Finally, take up the Athamé and facing East, the direction of the Rising Sun, take a moment to center yourself and begin to cast the Circle. Visualize a white light coming from the tip of the athamé and with arms straight out, turn the blade point out, slowly turning clockwise the light following you.

When you return to the East bring the athamé back to you and say:
“As above, so below.”
As you say this, visualize the light going above you and below you forming a perfect sphere.

Invoke the God and Goddess
“Goddess of all seasons, I see You now as Mother with Child. Be with me tonight.”
“God of all seasons, I see You now as the dying Sun, and also as a tiny Baby, the Sun Reborn. Be with me tonight.”

Begin the Ritual
“As the darkness grows, I felt the passing of the Sun King. Yet, in the darkest hour of Winter, He is reborn as the light of the Infant Sun. The Great Mother who gives birth to Him, Who brought the Child of Promise to the Earth. It is the Lord of Light and Life who is born once more!”
“Awake now Mother – Awake now Goddess of Life, Death and Rebirth! Awaken, Lady, look upon Your Divine Child, His rebirth while you slept was subtle and silent. The Sun Lord awaits Your wakening!”

Light the gold candle on the altar at this time and say:
“Hail the Oak King, His rebirth a promise! Hail the Divine Child, Giver of Life Hail the Blessed Sun, reborn of the Mother For He retakes His throne at the end of Solstice Night!”

Meditate for a time on the meaning of the Winter Solstice and the return of the Sun. When you are done, thank the Goddess and God:
“Lovely Mother and Tiny Child, Thank you for blessing me with your presence tonight. As the days grow longer, I will know you are always with me.”

Take in the Circle in whatever manner is appropriate for you, and release the Quarters by saying:
“Carry tidings sweet around the world and beyond, I change as Messengers Earth, Water, Fire and Air Let all rejoice loudly in the Sun King’s return Teach all that you meet with tidings that you bear.”

The circle is ended.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Candle Correspondances

White: Most known for Protection & Peace. Use for finding truth, sincerity and use in all workings and blessings

Black: Most known for absorbing negativity and evil. Use to help when you are feeling at a loss or confused; when banishing illness; breaking hexes and for exorcism

Red: Love, Passion and Courage

Blue: Understanding, Health/Healing, Patience, Meditation, Tranquility and Peace

Yellow: Clairvoyance, Charm, Attraction, Divination, Studying, Confidence, Learning, Intellectualism, Persuasion, and Mental Powers.

Green: Healing, Money/Finance, Prosperity, Luck and Fertility

Purple: Power, Ambition, Tension, Healing deadly diseases, Business improvement and To boost your own magickal powers

Orange: Strength, Adaptability, Encouragement, Authority, Attraction, Stimulation and Luck

Pink: Emotional love, Friendships, Honor, Goodness, Love and Affection

Lavender: Soothing, Calming, Rest, Dream, Dream Interpretation, Intuition, Dignity and properties of Purple & White.

Silver: Telepathy, claivoyance, caliraudience, psychometry, intuition, dreams, astral energies, female power, communication, the Goddess.

Gold: Wealth, the God, promote winning, safety and power of the male, happiness, playful humor.

Light Brown: Influence friendships, special favors, grounding, animal magick, earth magick

The Phases of the Moon for Spell Workings


The proper Moon phase is one of the keys to success in Spell casting. There are many Spells that I do on the night of the Full Moon for maximum effect and potency just as farmers may plant there seedlings during the Full Moon. The Moon effects everything and can effect our moods and actions. Ever notice that people seem to be more wound up and crazy during the Full Moon? I see it all the time. There are four phases of the Moon... New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.

Waning Moon

Each of these phases has a 7 day period for doing your Magical workings. If you add these phases up, you come up with the 28 day lunar month. The time period for each phase is... 3 days before to 3 days after. This gives you plenty of time to plan and do you Spell casting. Not everyone can plan on doing Magick on one certain day, so this opens the window of opportunity for those of you who have a busy schedule. Here is what the different phases are normally used for in Magick and spell casting.

New Moon

There are usually two days of the new moon. This phase is very similar to the Waning Moon and used to rid ones self of things.

Waxing Moon

This is when the moon is increasing in size of visibility. Use this phase for doing Spells to bring something/some one to you such as increase your money, power or other material things, good for love spells, health and self improvement spells, Job hunting spells, increasing knowledge, study and passing tests, psychic development.

Full Moon

This phase of the Moon has the most intense energy which can be used for many positive spells such as protection, healing, love and romance, business and wealth, House cleansing and blessing, Charging magickal tools, 3 days before the Full Moon till the end of Full Moon should be utilized for any spell that might be extra difficult.

Waning Moon

This is when the moon is decreasing in size of visibility. This phase is normally for Spells that you want to banish and get rid off something or someone or a situation. Such as making an enemy go away or a bad spirit or slander along with many other things. Also use this time for banishing poverty, illness, bad luck, Removing Curse and jinx, placing Curse and Hex, most of black magick type of spells take place in Waning phase of the Moon.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Job Seeking Spell

What you need:

Four candles: One yellow, an astral colour to represent the self. One green for prosperity, a Black candle to remove obstacles and a Brown one for the job itself.

Patchouli oil, and Cinnamon oil.

Four slips of paper and a marker pen.

A chalice or other receptacle for the ashes.

This spell is best worked during the waxing phase of the moon. It can be performed with or without a circle depending on whether you intend to call on the deities.


While visualising the job you are seeking or the type of work you wish to do anoint the black candle with patchouli oil, working from the base upwards to the wick and place in a holder. Wash your hands of all traces of the oil before using the other candles. Still visualising anoint the other three candles with the cinnamon oil, this time from the wick to the base and place in holders. Wash your hands of all traces of the oil and set up your altar. Place the black candle in the centre of the workspace with the yellow candle above it to the north, the brown candle to the left in the west and the green candle to the right in the east. The chalice can be placed wherever convenient but within easy reach, don’t forget the matches or lighter.

Before starting your rite, you may wish to meditate for a while on how to achieve your goal. Burning a prosperity incense (Benzoin, Cedar, Cinnamon or a mixture) may also help.

The Working Ritual:

Form a magick circle (if your using one) and call the Goddess and God to aid your spell. As you light each candle focus your intent. Start with the yellow astral candle, light it and say something like:

“I seek to change, for what feels right. Open the way and clear my sight.”

Visualize yourself reading through and selecting jobs out of the vacancy sections in the local newspaper or looking through the notice boards at the job centre. Write on a slip of paper a single word or brief description symbolizing your intent (in this case it might be “Change”). Light the paper in the candle and as it burns push out your thoughts and see yourself finding what you are looking for. Place it in the chalice and let it burn out. Light the black candle and say something like:

"Negate bad luck, Let obstacles fall. Break-down barriers, Heed my call!"

Visualise yourself filling in application forms or mailing out your C.V. to prospective employers. See your mail-outs arriving at their destinations being accepted, and your name being added to interview lists. Write on a slip of paper your intent (“Break-down barriers”). Light the paper from the candle, push out your thoughts and see interview appointments being made in your favour. When it’s burned out, light the green candle and say something like:

"Bring Prosperity, Security too. Just rewards for the work I do.”

Visualise yourself arriving for interview calm, confidant and smiling. See yourself shaking hands with the interviewer and discussing and agreeing to details. Write on a slip of paper the intent (“Just Rewards”). Light it from the candle, push out your thoughts and see, feel and know the interview has gone well. When it’s burned out, light the brown candle and say something like:

"Opportunities, work and rewards I see. As I will, so must it be!"

Write the intent (Opportunities, Work, Rewards) on the last piece of paper. Light it from the candle and visualise yourself in a successful new job receiving your first pay packet, push out your thoughts to make it real and happen.

When you have finished thank the deities for their help and close the circle. Leave the candles to burn out completely. Remember a spell won’t work on its own, you need to actively seek a job. Listen to all your hunches and follow up on any leads. Each night for a week, burn a 2nd brown candle for 10 minutes while meditating in preparation for the job and the good you will gain from it.

~Courtesy of A Miscellany Collection of Spells

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Creating A Faery Circle

Creating a Faery Ring

This is best done outdoors where Faeries can be found, whether under a tree, near water or in your garden. After you have set up your altar, you then create a faery ring. To do this, you tie a loop on each end of your 9 ft cord (that is if you have one, if not, use a 9ft length of string) Slip the point of your athame through the loop & stick it into the ground where the center of the Circle is to be. Put the index finger of your power hand through the loop opposite end of the cord & gently stretch it out. Holding the cord, walk deosil around in a circle, digging your heel to mark the outline of the circle. Then walk deosil around the circle, laying flowers or herbs on top of the circle outline. You now have created a Faery Ring.

Creating a Faery Magick Circle

The Faery Magick Circle protect you from harmful energies when doing magick. It acts as a vortex of light, bridging the mortal & faery worlds. Each time you do magick, you create the magick circle. First, sprinkle water from your cup deosil all around the inside of the Faery Ring to purify the area. Then hold your athame (or wand) in your power hand with the point outward, face in the direction of North of your Faery Ring & slowly spin in a deosil circle. As you do this, imagine a blue-white light shooting out of its tip. Trace a deosil circle of light with you athame over the Faery Ring you have created. You are basically drawing a double circle. Next, face the altar & say"

"I consecrate this Circle of power
To the generous & helpful Faeries
Of Earth, Air, Fire & Water.
May the bless this circle with thier presence.
So be it! Blessed Be!"

~"Faery Magick" by Sirona Knight
Pgs 102-103

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Simple Protection Spell

Do you remember as a kid when you were being teased and you used to say, "I'm rubber & you're glue. Whatever you say, bounces off me & sticks to you."?? Well, that can be used as a simple protection spell. Just light a black candle and change up the words to suit your needs. I like to say, "I'm rubber & you're glue. Whatever working you cast, bounces off me & goes back onto you." I repeat it 3 times, while visualizing the negativity being bounced off my shield

It does work, I have used it. It's a simple as modifying a simple childhood rhyme.


How to Dress A Candle for Spell Working

  1. Carve symbols into your candle based on your spell’s intent. This can be ancient symbols or runes that have been passed down through the ages, or modern symbols such as a dollar sign for money. The symbols you choose should be meaningful to you. You may also wish to carve in your name, or the name of the person you are casting the spell for. If the spell is for a specific event, such as luck for a night out gambling or a court case, carve in the date for it.

  2. Prepare oils for anointing your candle. Put about 1/8 cup of olive oil into a pot as a base oil. Put the heat on low. Add 20 to 40 drops of essential oils that coordinate with your intent. You can use more than one kind of oil; just research the oil’s properties. If you are trying to draw something toward you, stir the oil clockwise. If you are trying to repel something, stir the oil counter-clockwise.

  3. If you do not have essential oils, you can infuse the oil with herbs from your kitchen. As with oils, herbs should be researched for their magical properties so that the energy aligns with your spell’s intent.

  4. Allow the olive oil to warm but not simmer. Take it off the heat and allow it to cool. Strain it if you used herbs. You will only need a little of the oil for dressing a candle, so you can put it into a container and store it in a dark, cool place for future use.

  5. Sit with your candle and your anointing oil, preferably at your altar. Hold your candle and meditate a few moments on your intent. Place some oil in your hands and begin to rub the oil on your candle. If you are trying to attract something, rub from the top of the candle to the bottom. If you are trying to repel something, rub from the bottom to the top of the candle.

  6. Start rubbing slowly while thinking of your intent. Gradually pick up speed. Feel the energy you are raising be absorbed into the candle. Continue thinking of your intent. When you feel the candle tingling and pulsing with energy, it is ready.

  7. Set your candle into the holder until you are ready to cast your spell. When you light the candle, the energy that you have poured into it will be dispersed into your circle to aid your magic.

~~Courtesy of

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Full Moon Chants

Moon Oh Come Into Us

Moon Oh Come Into Us Let You Power Dance Waxing, Waning, Shifting Time And Tide Entrance Luna By Your Turning Spin The Thread We Weave Magick We Are Making As We Circle Dance

~Ivo Dominguez Jr.

Aradia's Chant

Full Moon shining bright
Midnight on the water
Oh, Aradia
Diana's silver daughter

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Samhain Chant

Fire red, summer’s dead
Yet it shall return.
Clear and bright, in the night,
Burn, fire, burn!

Dance the ring, luck to bring,
When the year’s a-turning.
Chant the rhyme at Hallows-time,
When the fire’s burning.

Fire glow, vision show
Of the heart’s desire,
When the spell’s chanted well
Of the witching fire.

Dance the ring, luck to bring,
When the year’s a-turning.
Chant the rhyme at Hallows-time,
When the fire’s burning.

Fire spark, when nights are dark
Makes our winter’s mirth.
Red leaves fall, earth takes all,
Brings them to rebirth.

Dance the ring, luck to bring,
When the year’s a-turning.
Chant the rhyme at Hallows-time,
When the fire’s burning.

Fire fair, earth and air,
And the heaven’s rain,
All blessed be, and so may we,
at Hallows-tide again.

Dance the ring, luck to bring,
When the year’s a-turning.
Chant the rhyme at Hallows-time,
When the fire’s burning.

Doreen Valiente
“Witchcraft For Tomorrow” p. 193

Monday, October 26, 2009

Some of my Fav. Chants

Ok, almost everyday I can be found singing any one of these as go about my day , sometimes I sing them all in a special order. I do have some of these posted on the main page or in My Deities link.

The Earth Is Our Mother

The Earth is our mother,
We must take care of her.

The Earth is our mother,
We must take care of her.

Hey yanna, ho yanna
Hey yan yan

Hey yanna, ho yanna
Hey yan yan

The sacred ground we walk upon,
With every step we take

The sacred ground we walk upon,
With every step we take

Hey yanna, ho yanna
Hey yan yan

Hey yanna, ho yanna
Hey yan yan

Elemental Chant

The Earth, the air, the fire, the water
Return, return, return, return

The Earth, the air, the fire, the water
Return, return, return, return

The Earth, the air, the fire, the water
Return, return, return, return

We All Come From the Goddess/ Hoof and Horn

We all come from the Goddess,
And to her we shall return.

Like a drop of rain,
Flowing to the ocean.

Hoof and horn,
Hoof and horn,
All that dies shall be reborn.

Corn and grain,
Corn and grain,
All that falls shall rise again

Goddess Chant

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna


Full moon shining bright
Midnight on the water
Oh, Aradia
Diana's silver daughter.

Horned God Chant

Cernunnos, Horned one
Cernunnos, King of the Sun

Herne the Hunted and Hunter
Stag God of the Earth

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Casting A Solitary Circle

I hope this helps you if you are new to the Craft or want a little different take on a basic ritual.

Casting the Circle: Place white or appropriately colored candles at the compass points, the altar may be at the center of the circle. A small white or beeswax candle, two larger candles, the censer with unlit incense, the Athamé, a dish of salt, a goblet of water, small cakes or cookies for "cakes and ale," a goblet of wine, an offering dish and any items for work to be done within the cast circle.

Take a short moment, eyes closed, to become "At peace" before standing before the altar.

Light the small candle and walk toward the east. Light the yellow or white candle from the small candle, saying

"Here I call forth the powers of air from the east, that I may be like the air, unfettered and pure."

Take a moment to remember the air visualization, and to contemplate the meaning of the east, air and freedom before continuing onward.

Light the red or white candle to the south with the small candle saying.

"Here I call forth the powers of fire from the south, that I may be like fire, enduring all hardships to become strengthened."

Recall your own "trials by fire" and contemplate the possibility of more, the meaning of the words spoken is thought on, and the caster continues.

Light the blue or white candle to the west, saying,

"Here I call forth the powers of water, that I may be like water, supporting and protecting all that I encounter,"

Contemplate the water visualization and the meaning of the west in your life.

Move on to the North, lighting the green or white candle, saying

"Here I call forth the power of Earth, that I may be like earth, grounded at all times."

Here ground and think before moving to the east to say.

"Welcome Air, Fire, Water, Earth, shine your light and lend your strength to this my circle to night/day."

Still moving clockwise, return to the altar, and light the incense saying.

"Negative forces begone, you are not welcome here."

Breathe deeply of the incense and banish away negative forces within before circling clockwise thrice with the censer, visualizing hate, jealousy and the like fleeing from the smoke.

Returns to the altar, pick up the Athamé and pick up a measure of salt with its tip. Inserting the tip of the blade into the water saying.

"As man to woman so blade to chalice, I purify this water with love, light and power."

Walk around the circle, sprinkling the salted water about the circle thrice. Returning to the altar, raise the Athamé to the sky and visualize a beam of blue light filling it, walk once around the circle, using the Athamé and its light to "cut" a space between the worlds.

This done, move to the altar and light the two candles.

"Lord and Lady, I invite you to this my worship, that you may look upon my devotions and celebrations and be heartened and strengthened by them."

Turn toward the west and announce.

"Now is my circle cast, unbreakable and without harm. Thus is sacred space decreed, and no act goes unnoticed. So mote it be."

Closing the circle: Thank the Gods for their attentions, snuff their candles. Dismiss individually each element and thank it for lending its strength, Walk around the circle, drawing the blue light back into the Athamé, breathe deep, and take some of the power back. A closing statement usually follows, ending in,

"The Circle is open, but ever unbroken...So mote it be."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Spell to Release Anger

This is a spell I found in my BOS for releasing anger. Anger can be caused from many things: any type of abuse to anger towards another who hurt you.

For this ritual, you will need some quiet time, a red candle, a black or a white candle, paper and writing implements, a container in which to burn paper, and matches. Any other symbols, magickal gear, or acoutrements you wish to bring to the ritual are yours to choose; I'm just presenting the bare bones.

Once you have gathered your stuff and set up your quiet space, you will want to call in a circle to protect yourself, and to protect others from the energies you plan to release.

Face the east, and call upon the air to help you express your rage clearly, to help you focus mentally while you release your emotions safely within the circle.

Face the south, and call upon fire to help your rage burn up and out of you, burning away the past and the trauma that has enraged you.

Face the west, and call upon the water to help your emotions flow freely within the circle, cleansing your spirit and restoring yourself.

Face the north, and call upon the earth to allow you to safely ground your rage, and to sustain and support your through the releasing process.

As you call in the directions, visualize a circle of white light forming around your working space, shielding you and protecting you with the elements you've called in.

(I have sometimes found that it also helps to call upon the archangels to further strengthen the circle--Raphael for east, Michael for south, Gabriel for west, and Uriel for north--if your beliefs trend that way.)

Then when you feel the circle is secure, call upon the Higher Powers in whatever form you relate to them to work with you and shield you through the course of the ritual.

Now, light the red candle. By its light, begin to write or draw what it is that is enraging you, whether it be some form of emotional abuse that trashed your worth as a person, sexual abuse that made you into an object, physical abuse that broke your body's connection with your mind, or whatever. Focus on making the issues clear to yourself and the Higher Powers that you've called in. Focus on how the actions made *you* feel, not on the other person's guilt or motivations, or on revenge on the other person. (You can do this part ahead of time, if you want. Blame may be necessary for some folks, but until you release the rage within, I feel that you cannot assess blame
remembered and felt out of your abusive relationship, being rationally and safely.)

Next, hold the paper between your hands, focus your awareness on the red candle, and begin to chant, shout, scream, or make whatever sounds help you to feel the rage come up and leave you. Send the rage into the red candle. Focus your rage on the red candle, watching the flames burn brighter and hotter as the force of your anger fuels them. When you feel that you've released the red rage as much as you can, light the papers on which you've drawn or written your problem and drop them into the container so they can burn out. (Do remember to put something under the container to protect the surface it rests on--I did this ritual a couple of months ago and almost caught my thumb on fire.)

After the papers have begun to burn down, light the black or white candle. (The choice of color depends on how you wish to focus on restoring yourself--black represents the energy of transformation and white represents an energy of peace and purification.) Focus on what you'd like to replace the rage with--peace, self-esteem, happiness, or whatever. Let the energy of the new emotions fill you up. Write or draw on a new piece of paper those things that you want to find in yourself and your life now that you've released the poisonous rage that was holding you back. You could even take the ashes from the burnt paper and write the name of the emotion on a new piece of paper to help you focus. Feel the healing begin.

When you are comfortably calm again, release the energy of the circle. Visualize it sinking back into the earth as you thank the elements at each direction for watching over you. Thank the Higher Powers for their insight and help. Let the candles burn completely out.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How To Make A Scrying Mirror

Samhain is a time to do some serious divination - it's the time of year when the veil between our world and that of the spirits is at its thinnest, and that means it's the perfect season to look for messages from the metaphysical. Scrying is one of the best known forms of divination, and can be done in a variety of ways. Basically, it's the practice of looking into some sort of reflective surface -- such as water, fire, glass, dark stones, etc. -- to see what messages, symbols, or visions may appear. A scrying mirror is a simple black-backed mirror, and it's easy to make one yourself.

To make your scrying mirror, you'll need the following:

  • A clear glass plate
  • Matte black spray paint
  • Additional paints (acrylic) for embellishment

To prepare the mirror, first you'll need to clean it. Use any glass cleaner, or for a more earth-friendly method, use vinegar mixed with water. Once the glass is clean, flip it over so that the back side is facing up. Lightly spray with the matte black spray paint. For the best result, hold the can a couple of feet away, and spray from side to side. If you hold the can too close, the paint will pool, and you don't want this. As each coat dries, add another coat. After five to six coats, the paint should be dense enough that you can't see through the paint if you hold the glass up to a light.

Once the paint has dried, turn the glass right side up. Use your acrylic paint to add embellishments around the outer edge of the plate -- you can add symbols of your tradition, magical sigils, or even your favorite saying. The one in the photo says, "Thee I invoke by the moonlit sea, the standing stone, and the twisted tree." Allow these to dry as well. Your mirror is ready for scrying, but before you use it, you may want to consecrate it as you would any other magical item.

If your tradition normally requires you to cast a circle, do so now. If you'd like to play some music, start your cd player. If you'd like to light a candle or two, go ahead, but be sure to place them so that they don't interfere with your line of vision. Sit or stand comfortably at your workspace. Begin by closing your eyes, and attuning your mind to the energy around you. Take some time to gather that energy.

When you are ready to begin scrying, open your eyes. Position yourself so that you can look into the mirror. Stare into the glass, looking for patterns, symbols or pictures -- and don't worry about blinking, it's fine if you do. You may see images moving, or perhaps even words forming. You may have thoughts pop spontaneously into your head, that seem to have nothing at all to do with anything. Perhaps you'll suddenly think about someone you haven't seen in decades. Use your journal, and write everything down. Spend as much time as you like gazing into the mirror -- it may be just a few minutes, or even an hour. Stop when you begin to feel restless, or if you're getting distracted by mundane things.

When you are finished gazing into the mirror, make sure you have recorded everything you saw, thought and felt during your scrying session. Messages often come to us from other realms and yet we frequently don't recognize them for what they are. If a bit of information doesn't make sense, don't worry -- sit on it for a few days and let your unconscious mind process it. Chances are, it will make sense eventually. It's also possible that you could receive a message that's meant for someone else -- if something doesn't seem to apply to you, think about your circle of family friends, and who the message might be meant for.

** Paganism/Wicca**

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Make A Witch Bottle for Samhain

The witch bottle is a magical tool that has been reported in use for centuries. In early times, the bottle was designed as a way to protect oneself from malicious witchcraft and sorcery. In particular, around the time of Samhain, homeowners might create a witch bottle to keep evil spirits from entering the home on Hallow's Eve. The witch bottle was usually made of pottery or glass, and included sharp objects such as pins and bent nails. It typically contained urine as well, belonging to the homeowner, as a magical link to the property and family within. In 2009, an intact witch bottle was found in Greenwich, England, and experts have dated it back to around the seventeenth century.

Around the Samhain season, you may want to do a little bit of protective magic yourself, and create a witch bottle of your own. The general idea of the witch bottle is to not only protect yourself, but send back the negative energy to whoever or whatever is sending it your way. You'll need the following items:

  • A small glass jar with lid
  • Sharp, rusty items like nails, razor blades, bent pins
  • Sea salt
  • Red string or ribbon
  • A black candle

Fill the jar about halfway with the sharp, rusty items. These were used to deflect bad luck and ill fortune away from the jar. Add the salt, which is used for purification, and finally, the red string or ribbon, which was believed to bring protection. When the jar is halfway filled, there are a couple of different things you can do, depending on whether or not you're easily repulsed.

One option is to fill the remainder of the jar with your own urine - this identifies the bottle as belonging to you. However, if the idea makes you a bit squeamish, there are other ways you can complete the process. Instead of urine, use a bit of wine. You may wish to consecrate the wine first before using it in this manner. In some magical traditions, the practitioner might choose to spit in the wine after it's in the jar because -- much like the urine -- this is a way of marking the jar as your territory.

Cap the jar, and make sure it's sealed tightly (particularly if you used urine - you don't want any accidental spillage), and seal it with wax from the black candle. Black is considered handy for banishing negativity. If you're having trouble finding black candles, you may want to use white instead, and imagine a white ring of protection surrounding your witch bottle. Also, in candle magick, white is typically considered a universal substitute for any other color candle.

Now - where to stash your bottle? There are two schools of thought on this, and you can decide which one works best for you. One group swears that the bottle needs to be hidden somewhere in the home - under a doorstep, up in a chimney, behind a cabinet, whatever -- because that way, any negative magic aimed at the house will always go straight to the witch bottle, avoiding the people in the home. The other philosophy is that the bottle needs to be buried as far away from the house as possible, so that any negative magic sent towards you will never reach your home in the first place. Whichever one you choose, be sure that you're leaving your bottle in a place where it will remain undisturbed permanently.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Charge of the Goddess

Listen to the words of the Great Mother; she who of old was also called among men Artemis, Astarte, Athene, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Cybele, Arianrhod, Isis, Dana, Bride and by many other names:

Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month, and better it be when the moon is full, then shall ye assemble in some secret place and adore the spirit of me, who am Queen of all the witches. There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery, yet have not won its deepest secrets; to these will I teach things that are yet unknown. And ye shall be free from slavery; and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall be naked in your rites; and ye shall dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in my praise. For mine is the ecstasy of the spirit, and mine also is joy on earth; for my law is love unto all beings. Keep pure your highest ideal; strive ever towards it; let naught stop you or turn you aside. For mine is the secret door which opens upon the Land of Youth, and mine is the cup of the wine of life, and the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grail of immortality. I am the Gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man. Upon earth, I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal; and beyond death, I give peace and freedom and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor do I demand aught in sacrifice; for behold, I am the Mother of all living, and my love is poured out upon the earth.

Hear ye the words of the Star Goddess;
she in the dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven, and whose body encircles the Universe.

I who am the beauty of the green earth,
and the white Moon among the stars, and the mystery of the waters, and the desire of the heart of man, call unto thy soul. Arise, and come unto me. For I am the soul of nature, who gives life to the universe. From me all things proceed, and unto me all things must return; and before my face, beloved of Gods and of men, let thine innermost divine self be enfolded in the rapture of the infinite. Let my worship be within the heart that rejoiceth; for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. And therefore let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honour and humility, mirth and reverence within you. And thou who thinkest to seek for me, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not unless thou knowest the mystery; that if that which thou seekest thee findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee. For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am that which is attained at the end of desire.


Here are 13 herbs that should be standard for any kitchen witch.

1. COMFREY: Healing, protection, money and safety during travel. Comfrey is associated with the feminine, Saturn, Capricorn and water.

2. CHAMOMILE: luck, money, protection and health. Chamomile is associated with both the masculine and feminine and The Sun.

3. RASPBERRY: Love and protection.

4. FENNEL: Health, power (psychic, spiritual and worldly). It is associated with Leo.

5. LAVENDER: Love, protection, health, money. It is associated with Gemini and the planet Mercury.

6. GARLIC: Business, money, wealth, power (psychic, spiritual and worldly) protection. It is associated with Aries and mars.

7. WORMWOOD: Known as the Girdle of St John because it is so powerful against evil. It is associated with Scorpio.

8. ROSE: Luck, health and love. It is associated with Venus.

9. CATNIP: Since medieval times this has been chewed to make one fierce and vengeful in battle.

10. ROSEMARY: Power, health. Associated with The Moon and The Sun.

11. CAPSICUM: protection and exorcism.

12. GINGER: Love and money.

13. PEPPERMINT: Love, health and psychic powers

Ye Olde Herbal Names

One Eye of Newt, A dash of Sleepwort, pass the Bloody Fingers? I must finish this brew! Ever hear anything like this, and wonder just where and what people were talking about? Well would you be surprised to know that the things stirred into witches brews of old are still used to this very day? The "code" words for many herbs were used for different reasons. As we all well know Witches were hunted not so very long ago. Unfortunately because of this hysteria many innocent people were hung or burned as witches, Just for what they had growing in their own gardens. For example growing or using Foxglove could get you branded a witch, so many people because of this, began calling the herbs what they most resembled to the naked eye. Below you will find a few Old Herbal names, Craft name comes first, followed by the common name for that herb/flower/root.

Blood - Sap of Elder Tree
Bloody Fingers- Foxglove
Candlemas Maiden -
Candlewick Plant - Mullein
Crown for a King - Wormwood

Dew of the Sea - Rosemary

Dragonwort - Bistort

Earth Smoke - Fumitory
Elfwort - Eclampane
Enchanter's Plant - Vervain

Eye of the Star - Horehound

Eyes - Aster Daisy

Five Finger Grass - Cinquefoil

Joy of the Mountain - Marjoram

Lad's Love - Southernwood

Little Dragon - Tarragon

Love in Idleness - Pansy

Love Parsley - Lovage
Loveroot - Orris *
Maiden's Ruin - Southernwood

Master of the Woods - Woodruff

Masterwort - Angelica
May Lily - Lily of the valley
Mistress of the Night - Tuberose

Password - Primrose

Queen of Meadow - Meadowsweet

Ram's Head - American Valerian

Seven Year's Love - Yarrow

Sleepwort - Lettuce

Sorcerer's Violet - Periwinkle

Star of the Earth - Avens

Starflower - Borage

Starweed - Chickweed

Starwort - Aster

Thousand Seal - Yarrow

Thunder Plant - Houseleek

Unicorn Horn - True Unicorn Root

Wax Dolls - Fumitory

Witch Herb - Mugwort
Witches Asprin - White Willow Bark
Witches Bells - Foxglove

Witches Briar - Briar Hip

Witchgrass - Dog Grass

Witchwood - Rowan
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