Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Here are 13 herbs that should be standard for any kitchen witch.

1. COMFREY: Healing, protection, money and safety during travel. Comfrey is associated with the feminine, Saturn, Capricorn and water.

2. CHAMOMILE: luck, money, protection and health. Chamomile is associated with both the masculine and feminine and The Sun.

3. RASPBERRY: Love and protection.

4. FENNEL: Health, power (psychic, spiritual and worldly). It is associated with Leo.

5. LAVENDER: Love, protection, health, money. It is associated with Gemini and the planet Mercury.

6. GARLIC: Business, money, wealth, power (psychic, spiritual and worldly) protection. It is associated with Aries and mars.

7. WORMWOOD: Known as the Girdle of St John because it is so powerful against evil. It is associated with Scorpio.

8. ROSE: Luck, health and love. It is associated with Venus.

9. CATNIP: Since medieval times this has been chewed to make one fierce and vengeful in battle.

10. ROSEMARY: Power, health. Associated with The Moon and The Sun.

11. CAPSICUM: protection and exorcism.

12. GINGER: Love and money.

13. PEPPERMINT: Love, health and psychic powers


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