Sunday, December 6, 2009

Candle Correspondances

White: Most known for Protection & Peace. Use for finding truth, sincerity and use in all workings and blessings

Black: Most known for absorbing negativity and evil. Use to help when you are feeling at a loss or confused; when banishing illness; breaking hexes and for exorcism

Red: Love, Passion and Courage

Blue: Understanding, Health/Healing, Patience, Meditation, Tranquility and Peace

Yellow: Clairvoyance, Charm, Attraction, Divination, Studying, Confidence, Learning, Intellectualism, Persuasion, and Mental Powers.

Green: Healing, Money/Finance, Prosperity, Luck and Fertility

Purple: Power, Ambition, Tension, Healing deadly diseases, Business improvement and To boost your own magickal powers

Orange: Strength, Adaptability, Encouragement, Authority, Attraction, Stimulation and Luck

Pink: Emotional love, Friendships, Honor, Goodness, Love and Affection

Lavender: Soothing, Calming, Rest, Dream, Dream Interpretation, Intuition, Dignity and properties of Purple & White.

Silver: Telepathy, claivoyance, caliraudience, psychometry, intuition, dreams, astral energies, female power, communication, the Goddess.

Gold: Wealth, the God, promote winning, safety and power of the male, happiness, playful humor.

Light Brown: Influence friendships, special favors, grounding, animal magick, earth magick


Shannon said...

Thank you, Rowan, for sharing this wealth of information and knowledge. I am finally setting free my Inner-Wiccan and studying everything I can that which I already understood to be my calling. I appreciate your insights and just love your blog!

Rowan Silverstar said...

Thank you, Shannon, for you lovely words. I'm new to my inner Witch, as she has come forth in the past 2.5 yrs. I use my blog as my online journal. I share things that aren't too personal, but helpful.
Love & Light!! )♥(

Emme Toaye said...

What a wonderful colorful listing,I am a believer in the psychology and effects of using color in my creations. I wear lots of black, but always with other colors in jewelry, cuffs, scarves and hair adornments to balance the black out. Great blog and lots to inspire my creativity and get me in a mood to do some work so Thanks.

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