Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Esbat Rit for Solitaries

(Entries below in bold are to be spoken.)

Enter the circle from the northeast and move deosil (clockwise) while singing the chant:

We all come from the Goddess And to her we shall return Like a drop of rain Flowing to the ocean.

Chant and dance round the circle thrice.
Light the God and Goddess candles, reciting:

R: Our Lord is the Sun. He brings forth light. He has dominion over all; he is power and might.
L: Our Lady is the Moon. She brings forth the night.
She controls man’s soul. She is wisdom and insight.

Bless the elements and consecrate the altar/tools:

Salt and water, Earth and life,
Spirit and body be blessed and cleansed.

Consecrate the elements, holding each overhead before placing on pentacle:

Creature of Water, cast away all that is impure and unclean.
Creature of Salt, cast out all malignity and let only good enter this space.

Hold athame above head, pointing toward sky, then pointing to altar:

Blessed and purified be this athame and all the tools upon this altar. So mote it be.

Mix three scoops of salt into the water while they are each on the pentagram, then recite:

Ever mind that water and salt purify the body. So Mote It Be.

Cast the Sacred Circle:

I conjure and create thee, O circle of power, that shall be a boundary between the world of men and the realm of the might ones, a sphere of protection that shall preserve and contain all powers raised within. I bless and consecrate thee O circle of power, to be a place of peace and love. So mote it be!

Ring the bell thrice.

Call the quarters, invite the Guardians, drawing invoking pentagrams (shown below) at the end of each call and then intone the names of the directions: Notus, Eurus, Zephyrus, Boreus.
Invocation prayer:

Lunar Mistress, sweet and mild,

I am your priest[ess], but still your child.

Enter here on this your night

And bless the working in this rite.

Cerridwen [or whatever Goddess you may want to work with], I seek your presence at my side.

Once more time the moon has turned

And through your guidance much is learned,

We hear your whispers on night winds

As your light above us shines down again.

Cerridwen, come join me now in this rite.

You know all, without and within,

Your mysteries unfold if we dare take them in.

For you are Goddess, mother of all,

I pray thee now to come as I call.

Cerridwen, walk this circle at my side.

Descend and join me in this hour,

So we may walk in your light and power,

As you are queen of the heavens and earth,

I thank you for my spirit and my birth.

Cerridwen, let us proceed together.

Now the intention, or 'petition,'' of the ritual and any planned magickal working is stated.
Once the working is in place, raise energy through chant and dance around the circle. As you proceed, imagine and see in your mind's eye what you are trying to accomplish already existing in the form you seek. As you finish, send your wave of energy to the deities on their planes.

Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Innna

Ground remaining energy.

The Right of Union is now performed.

Holding the chalice, filled with liquid of choice recite:

My Lord is the power and force of all life, Through my Lady all life flows.

Hold blade of athame inside the chalice.

As the lance is to the male, So the grail is to the female, Together they are joined and become one, In truth, power and wisdom.

Take a sip. Now place the plate on the pentacle.

Heavenly Lord and Lunar Lady, Honor me now and bless this [whatever it is]. So Mote It Be!

Eat and drink, but it's important to place some of your treat aside for offering to the spirits. Usually, this can best be done by pouring them onto the earth outside in some appropriate spot.

Share your thoughts with the deities in some moments of refection before beginning to close the rite.

Dismiss the deities. If you have invoked specific Gods or Goddesses, you may want to thank and dismiss them separately.

Goddess and God, as ere we part,
I thank you now with all my heart, We shared much tonight In our circle and in sacred rite. Now I bid ye, stay if you will, leave if you must. Hail and farewell! Blessed Be!

Begin to close down the circle. Extinguish the God and Goddess candles, stating:

L: Our Lady the Moon brought forth the light. She now recedes into the night. R: Our Lord the Sun brought forth his power. He now claims the darkness from this hour.

Ring the bell.

Dismiss the Guardians and close the quarters, starting with Earth (north) and proceeding widdershins (counterclockwise), drawing banishing pentagrams in the air with athames or fingers (banishing pent shown above) above each quarter.

Take up the circle, stating:

O circle of power that has been a boundary between the world of men and the realm of the Mighty Ones, that has served to preserve and contain all energy raised within, I now recall and take up your force and power. So mote it be!

The circle is open but never broken.


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